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Appy Monday! Out and About with Pampers

What do you associate “Pampers” and “Proctor and Gamble” with? Nappies? Wipes? FMCG? Well think again- Proctor and Gamble are getting stuck into the world of mobile media!

The aptly named production arm- P&G Productions- has launched a number of apps connected to its brands- and here we look at two of the Pampers apps.

Out and About is the new location-based app from Pampers. You get a free Tumble Tots trial class when you download the app.

It's a clever app which is aimed at making finding family- friendly places easier- whether it is places to play, eat or change a baby. It puts a new family focussed spin on the more generic location based apps such as Yelp and Quipster.

The app has a simple user interface which is easy to navigate. You start by choosing your location - the default is your current location but you can enter a specific location if planning ahead. There is a striaghtforward choice of changing, playing or mealtime. The results are shown in a list or a map, or indeed, with an augmented reality view!

You can add places yourself if you are somewhere which is not listed. The app also allows you to add your own reviews and to share locations through social networks. There are offers available- although there were none when we checked in. Cleverly, the app also has links to online stores including asda, boots and ocado to buy pampers.

What we loved: A very simple app to use- particularly the choice of whether "changing" "playing" or "feeding time" are "on" to search by.

What we didn't : The app seems to promise more than it delivers- the content is quite thin (largely Nandos and supermarkets from the search we did).  But it has only recently launched and needs mums to really engage with it in order to build up its usefulness.

Vital Stats:
Cost: Free
Release date: 24 June 2011
Published by P&G Productions
Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

We also set out to review the P&G Productions App My Baby Registry which was launched in August. The App looks great - it's a baby registry for expectant mums which allows mums to instantly combine any product, from any store, on to one registry (through the use of barcodes) and easily share registry items, news, and info with family and friends. Sadly it is only US based at the moment - so we'll have to look out for a UK launch.

Have you used the Out and About App? We'd love to hear your views!

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