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Breakfast meeting with the kids? North London's most family friendly breakfasts

Where do you go when you have been up since 5am with the kids and they are tearing up the house by 8am? Here are a few ideas for child-friendly (and parent-friendly) breakfast places.

Feast on the Hill, Muswell Hill

A quirky cafe with delicious home made food. An extensive breakfast/brunch menu should satisfy the fussiest of appetites, all at reasonable prices. And once you've enjoyed a fabulous cup of strong coffee you can dive into Fagin's Toys with the children.

The Brew House Cafe, Kenwood House

The cafe serves a range of cooked breakfasts, pastries and homemade granola and muesli. Not cheap but a fun treat for a Sunday morning, especially when you can sit outside in the sunshine. Time Out gave The Brew House 4 stars (see full review here).

North London Toddler thinks Kenwood House is "Windy Castle" and most enjoys having a run/roll down to the lake before filling up on toast and jam.

The Waffle Cafe, Belmont Children's Farm

The Waffle Cafe offers (as you would expect) a range of waffles plus other breakfast and light lunch options. There is a kids meal option which includes a juice. Located at the entrance to the farm, this is a good option for breakfast before heading off to visit the animals.

Gail's, Crouch End/Hampstead/St. John's Wood

A real treat for parents, Gail's artisan bakery (now in 8 locations) serves a delicious range of breads, cakes and pastries.  There is a fantastic breakfast menu featuring highlights such as homemade granola with yoghurt or brioche french toast with roasted quince. Breakfast is available in all branches on weekdays, and in Hampstead and St John's Wood on weekends.

Boulangerie Bonne Matin, Stroud Green

This relative newcomer to the area has proved a hit with locals. In addition to the tantalising selection of pastries the cafe offers a good breakfast menu, including delicious French toast which was a hit with North London Toddler.

Banners, Crouch End

A firm family favourite serving excellent breakfasts and extremely child friendly, this is an excellent place to come any time of day. The menu is very wide ranging and we particularly like the refried beans. Yum.

The Blue Legume, Stoke Newington and Angel Islington

Possibly the most child-friendly restaurant in North London, this is a super place to come for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have an extensive kids menu including kid-sized fresh smoothies and juices. Both are in great locations for post breakfast shopping and strolling.

Do you agree with our selection? Have you got a favourite breakfast option for the kids? Do tell us what you think and tell us if you visit any of these places that you haven't been to before. 
Victoria 4 August 2011 at 19:15 said...

I love Banners! But another favourite is Kalenders near the entrance to the Heath on Parliament Hill. Delicious eggs! Plus its on the doorstep to the Heath to work it all off afterwards

Portia P 4 August 2011 at 22:09 said...

Maybe a bit central, but the cafe's on Hyde Park's Lido are both great for a sunny Sunday morning followed by a paddle in the Princess Di fountain or a play in the (very close) playground. Great Sunday treat.

Simonsons 18 August 2011 at 10:41 said...

Thanks for the useful and pretty spot on blog. You've listed pretty much all our family's favourite places, with Blue Legume being our secret addiction for many years!

On your recommendation we tired Feast on the Hill last Sunday for the first time with another family and I have to say we were a bit disappointed. The food for adults was fine. Not outstanding, but ok-to-good. Very disappointed that the kids chips were covered in salt - haven't experienced that elsewhere and it's a basic no-no. Biggest problem though was the awful awful service. Took us 10 minutes of trying to get a waitress to come over before we even got menus. We were then told there'd be a 15-20 minute wait for food which is fair enough - except that we only managed to get our food 35 minutes later after asking and nagging for it. Not great with 3 hungry 2-3 year olds.

They were 90% full, but the golden rule with cafes and restaurants is that if you can't handle that many diners you should reduce the number of tables and chairs or employ more staff! You have to be able to handle a full set of covers.

To cap it all off, when we went to pay our bill of over £50 (there were 8 of us) they told us the card machine wasn't working so cash only. It'd been broken all week but no one thought to tell us when we first sat down. Only a small sign right by the cash register informed customers. We were sitting at the other end so would never have seen it. Given that we'd waited nearly 15 minutes to even get our bill, the kids were all getting hot and bothered and past their nap times. They had to wait another 15 mins whilst the adults went off to queue at cash points in order to pay. If we'd've been warned, we could have done that during any of the long waits for service.

In the spirit of giving anyone the benefit of the doubt, I'm willing to put all of this down to a rare off-day if other readers (or writers!) of this blog tell me their experiences have always been better there. So, nu? WHat say you good people?

North London Mums 18 August 2011 at 19:02 said...

Oh no! Thanks for your comment- sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I must admit it is often busy but we have always found the staff very helpful. We usually stick with egg dishes, pasta or fruit and muesli and have never been disappointed so it’s a shame that your meal wasn't up to scratch. I hope you are brave enough to try some of our other recommendations!

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