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Peppa Pig Goes Large!

With a generation of toddlers jumping up and down in muddy puddles, does Peppa Pig World live up to their expectations? North London Mums went to find out...

It was with some trepidation - and high toddler excitement- that we headed out of North London for a weekend at Peppa Pig World. Luckily it definitely lives up to expectations and is a great treat for toddlers!

Simply laid out in cool pastel shades, with the theme tune tinkling in the background, the Peppa Pig World has loads to do. The gentle rides cleverly re-imagine some iconic elements of Peppa Pig- Grandpa Pig's Boat Ride and a trip up to Windy Castle are two of these. But the park also offers lots of breakouts for little people who don't want to queue (and the queues do take time), including a playground, soft play area (George's Spaceship Playzone) and - of course- a large (blissfuly mud free) splash play area which was a highlight for North London Toddler. Peppa and George make scheduled appearances for a wave and a cuddle which the kids all love.

What we loved: A simple layout in a relaxing environment, very clean and with fantastic family toilets and changing facilities. Lots of different things to entertain small kids.

What we didn't: The food concessions are standard fast food fair (burgers, chicken nuggets etc). Kid-friendly healthy options and unusual Peppa Pig treats (Miss Rabbit's icecream van?) would have been fun.

Vital Stats:
We took a short break offered through the Paulton's Park Website and it turned out to be very good value with two half days spent enjoying the park. We even fitted in a couple of adult trips down the waterslide in the main park. 

Location:  Paultons Park, Hampshire
Website: http://www.paultonsbreaks.com/peppapigworld/index.html
Cost:  From £36.40pp

Did you enjoy Peppa Pig World? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Can you recommend any other kiddie attractions- let us know!

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