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Appy Monday - Children's App Books

At North London Mums we are both book lovers and so try to encourage our children to be the same. We don't worry about iPads replacing books as we think there is a place for both in today's world and love to see our children enjoying both 'real' books and digital books. Here are some book apps we particularly like.

Spot Goes To School

This is an absolutely fab and interactive Spot book that has all the features that we know and love from the traditional lift-the-flap books plus the added extra of voices and sound effects.Some of the reviews on the App Store are negative but we, and our toddlers really love this.

What we loved: The app is really easy to navigate so children are able to follow the story themselves and work out the extra features. Even very young children can enjoy the book although the game is probably only suitable for 3+.

What we didn't: If you click on the 'More' signpost shown above you expect to be taken to more of the story or more games but are in fact taken to some static pages telling you where you more about Spot books. Not necessary on the app.

Vital Stats:
Cost - £2.99
Availability- iPad and iPhone


The 7 Wonderlicious App Book aims to be a great source of inspiration for children aged 3 to 7. The girls in the stories are fantastic role models. They are confident little girls that love to solve problems, be active and try new things out. The stories can either be read aloud by the app for younger children or older children can read them themselves. 

What we loved: The stories are very simple and therefore a good basis for discussion with your young child about important issues like leadership, sharing and community. I was very pleasantly surprised by how much discussion it provoked with my daughter around areas we don't normally cover. If you chose the read aloud version you can chose either an American or UK version. 

What we didn't: This is very much an app book rather than an app as it has no interactive features. My toddler is now very used to interactive books and would definitely have liked something to press or move around. We hope 7Wonderlicious will bring out an interactive version soon!

Vital Stats:
Cost - £2.99
Availability - iPad

Jack and The Beanstalk Children's Interactive Storybook

I discivered this app one week when my daughter was covering Jack and The Beanstalk at nursery. The story really seemed to appeal to her so we downloaded the app to see what it was like and have really enjoyed using it since.

What we loved: This is very beautifully illustrated, reminding me of the Disney films of my youth. The more you read the book, the more interactive features you discover but these don't impede the reading of the book at all as you can't trigger the interactive features until you have heard the story. 

What we didn't: The book is very long so although smaller children can enjoy it, it is probably more suitable for over 3s. It is also sometimes a bit hard to work out which are the interactive features. 

Vital Stats:
Cost - £2.49
Availability - iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Alice for the iPad

We have only downloaded the Lite version of this fantastic app as our children are not yet old enough for the full 52 pages. The full version costs £5.99 but looks to be well worth the spend as this takes the iPad book to a new level with absolutely stunning animations. Readers (and that is definitely not just children) can shake the iPad to make things happen, tilt it to make Alice grow and generally interact with the text in a new and exciting way that make this a must for lovers of classic children's literature. You can see a You Tube video about the app by clicking the link below.

What we loved: This looks simply stunning and the illustrations and interactive features are totally in keeping with the eccentricities of the book. We love that you can test it for free by downloading the Lite version. This is the app that convinces us that the future for interactive books is a very exciting one. We can't wait til our kids are old enough to enjoy the full version!

What we didn't: The price for the full version is steep.

Vital Stats:
Cost - Lite version is free, Full version is £5.99
Availability - iPad

These are some of our favourite app books and we had a lot of fun researching. Do tell us yours.

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