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Appy Monday - Supernanny. Super App?

This week North London Mums has been testing the brand new Supernanny app. Most of us will be familiar with Supernanny aka Jo Frost from her Channel 4 programmes in which she whips poor performing parents into shape. This new app aims to bring her tried and tested techniques to your handset. Is it successful?
The app is easy to set up, asking you to create a profile for your child and to pick what areas of their behaviour you are going to focus on. You then have to set some 'rules'. Rules aren't normally a feature in our household - not in such a formal way anyway - but we decided to give this a go and set a rule of 'No Whining' (you can relate, right?) and 'Tidy up your toys after you use them'.

Once you have your rules, you can then customise a reward chart from one of a few different themes. The reward chart is very nice looking and easy to use and children will definitely enjoy this feature where they have to move the starts on to their chart - as long as they are getting stars! What I wasn't clear about was how to reward a negative rule i.e does she get a reward for not doing it for a day/hour etc. The app does not explain this but presumes familiarity with the Supernanny way, which I don't have.

Once they have filled their reward chart, they get a reward and the app asks you to take a photo of this reward. We decided to plump for an ice cream, so every time we wanted to trigger a certain behaviour, we showed a picture of the ice cream. This actually worked very well, to my surprise and the visual reminder had a positive impact on behaviour.

The other feature of the app is a time out function which you can use when out and about to time your child's time out session. Time Out is not a behavioural sanction that we use (well haven't needed to so far anyway) so this wasn't really relevant to us and to be honest I am not sure what advantage it has over a watch anyway!

As well as these two main functions, there are games which are quite sweet and easy to learn to use and an advice section which introduces you to some of the main Supernanny techniques, some of which serve as  useful reminders and hints.

What we loved?  The app is easy to set up and use and if it fits with your parenting philosophy it is probably a very helpful tool to have in your pocket to help back up your strategies when on the move. We really liked the use of the visual prompt for a reward for good behaviour.

What we didn't? Because it only features two behavioural management techniques (reward charts and time out) it is not very versatile if these don't fit with your parenting style. Only buy this if the Supernanny school of thought accords with your own.

Vital Stats:
Availability: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Cost: £1.99
Have you used this or any other behaviour management app? Do let us know what you think.

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