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Hooked on Classics!

I have a guilty admission- I am (not so) secretly obsessed with the traditional toys which have started to fill up my house.

Don't get me wrong- we have plenty of plastic blocks, buggies, bouncers etc that are so easily available in the shops- but there is something inately satisfying in the traditional and classic toys that you just don't get from modern, plastic toys!

Luckily,  I don't think I am alone in this! If you search the internet there are a growing number of sites dedicated to wooden and classic toys.

What's the appeal? In some ways I think it must be a reaction to the flood of brightly coloured plastic which invades the house when you have small children. It's inevitable but at the same time rather overwhelming. When can I have my house back?

There's a whiff of nostalgia too, of course, although I would be lying if I said I remembered very clearly the toys I had as a small child (I do remember my cabbage patch doll- but there I am just showing my age!). But classic toys like a jack in the box, abacus's, walkers do give you a warm feeling that they have been there and done that before!

The eco angle is also key. It is difficult to bring up children now and not have a nod to eco responsibility in one form or another. The USP of a number of online classic toy suppliers is the eco friendly nature of their products and I must admit that there is something rewarding about buying toys with eco-friendly credentials. In my online travels I have come across a fab site called Treeblocks which aims to provide fun and learning wooden toys produced in a socially and ecologically responsible way. The toys are produced by "Tree Block Elves" and the range covers real wooden toys, wooden blocks , tree houses and wooden dolls all soured with respect to the environment.

But quite frankly, I buy these toys- for my children and as presents- because they are unusual, sturdy and I like them. They may take a bit of putting together but once you (or your dad- will I ever achieve his levels of DIY skill?) put them up you are left with sturdy toys with beautiful lines and calm colours that children can play with for a long time. Oh I should add- the children love them too!

This BabyMoov walker is our most recent addition- sturdy, colourful and unusual the kids (even the post toddlers!) love it. 

When I was a kid is a lovely site featuring classic toys that we have already featured as a website of the week. It is a family business focussed on  bringing tradition and quality back to children's toys. The collection features a pocket money range so that there is something for every budget. We love the fact that you can search by price, category and child's age range. Child of the Seventies has a particular appeal for this North London Mum (but I am straying from the point!) There are also clever You Tube Video demos of the toys.

We have teamed up with When I was a kid to bring a special exclusive offer to our readers!Spend over £40 and When I was a kid will send you a beautiful Wooden Bead Jewellery Set worth £10 completely FREE!

There are plenty of other classic toy sites- and look out for further reviews and offers with North London Mums. We would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations too!

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