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Website of the week- Easy Cake Toppers

Actually I'm probably cheating here as this is as much about a product as a website, but as I have just completed my first ever really "professional"- looking birthday cake for North London Toddler I must say "thank you, thank you, thank you" to Easy Cake Toppers.

So- where to start? Probably in the car a couple of weeks ago when North London Toddler announced that she wanted a princess cake. Since the best I can manage is an iced cupcake I paled at the challenge. I "got creative" and bought some glow in the dark Disney princess stickers - I'm not quite sure what I was intending to do with them- North London husband pointed out that they didn't seem very edible.

A week later North London Toddler announced that she actually wanted a Tinkerbell Cake. A pink one. Expectations were clearly running high. Despair.

The solution I found was Easycake Toppers - "perfect cake toppers for perfect occassions". The site itself is very simple- it lists a huge range of topper themes, from generic categories such as Halloween to brands such as Harry Potter, Mr Tumble, Dora and, yes Disney Fairies.

The toppers are made of rice paper and can be personalised for no additional charge. The topper arrives in the post in a couple of days- delivery is free. The toppers are on rice paper and can be cut to size. Prices range from £1.50 to £4.50.

In the end I ordered both a Tinkerbell and a Disney Princess topper- both arrived perfectly customised.  I used Tinkerbell and transformed the cake. To be honest you don't even need to make a cake- you could simply buy a plain iced cake to personalise but I chose to attempt a Nigella recipe.

If your preference is cupcakes there are toppers for these too! So- if you are looking for a creative way to meet the pressure of birthday cake making- this is a great solution.

Now where did I put those candles.....

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