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Appy Monday! Doing back-flips over Flipboard!

Flipboard is a social magazine for iPad.  It WILL revolutionise how you use your iPad, and how you consume your social media (that is if you get some grown up time on your iPad).

In a nutshell, Flipboard takes content from across your social networks, and other publishers and individuals that you choose to follow, and presents them in a paginated format which uses the visual capability of the iPad. Flipboard was named Apple's iPad App of the Year and one of TIME's top 50 innovations of 2010 (you can read the article here.)  It is aptly described as "a fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos, videos, and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader, LinkedIn, Flickr, and Instagram. "

The homepage/favourites page is organised into simple navigation icons representing your favourite social media sources, as well as other sources which you may choose to include in your daily feeds.
When you first download the app, the favorites page begins loaded with a few suggested sections. You can then head into the Content Guide which has a large selection of content organised by category eg Business, News, Lifestyle, Local. These categories have a good range of publishers as well as sections curated by Flipboard relevant content for the genre (eg Lifestyle), and you can access and also "favourite" this content.   Publishers range from The Guardian and BBC News in News, to You Tube Trends in Video and Lonely Planet in Travel.  I've got Oprah and CoolHunter favourited- as well as "sensible" news and business feeds - which may say more about me than the app! But this is really your magazine, so there is also a powerful search tool which will bring up results from across the social web which you can favourite and follow through Flipboard.

And of course, and possibly most importantly, you can select and login to your socal networks whose feeds will then feature in your Flipboard magazine. You can also favourite, tweet and share content that you read and love in Flipboard.

The app cleverly reformats the information from these sources in an easy to read, and visually immersive format - I definitely spend more time reading stuff on Flipboard than through other social media portals.

What we loved: The look and feel is really stunning, and the navigation, by "flipping" virtual pages of your magazine, is incredibly easy. 

What we didn't: It's hard to find anything to criticize, but perhaps a bit more UK focussed content in the content section?

Vital Stats: 
Cost: Free
Platform: iPad

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