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Appy Monday! Help your child learn to tell the time with Hickory Dickory Dock from Mindshapes

This week North London Mums tested out the new app from Mindshapes. We are fans of this London based developer and publisher of fun and educational apps. Mindshapes philosophy is to make all their apps accord with their "Five I's": Imaginative, Immersive, Intelligent, Interactive and Intuitive! Find out what we thought here....

Hickory Dickory Dock  promises to introduce children to the basics of time-telling. Mindshapes' core philosophy is that learning should be fun, and Hickory Dickory Dock is both fun and great to look at. Using the familiar nursery rhyme, children move around the clock with the little mouse and each number on the clock has an activity for them to do that fits in with the nursery rhyme.
North London Toddler is not quite up to learning to tell the time yet but was definitely curious and engaged with the app and we will definitely come back to it when she is older. The app is versatile as younger children can just enjoy it as a game, whereas with older children you will be able to engage them in conversations about the time. 

What We Loved: This app looks absolutely great - surreal, colourful and visually exciting. There is plenty to engage a young child with. It is great to see a very traditional nursery rhyme being used to such good effect in conjunction with modern technology.
What We Didn't: Even as adults we found some of the numbers quite hard to work out. We still haven't puzzled out what you do with 8 O Clock, despite much touching of the iPad! Also, in order for children to learn the time, they will definitely need to use this with an adult as a basis for discussion as on its own it will not teach them the time - not necessarily a bad thing!

Vital Stats:
Availability iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch
Cost: £1.99
We will be trying more Mindshapes apps soon. Have you tried any? Any other time telling apps that you can recommend?

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