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Appy Monday: The MoneyBook App

 I sat down with another north London mum for a coffee a few weeks ago and before we even sipped she got out her phone and started uploading the cost of the capp. I was intrigued...

MoneyBook is a great little app for tracking your budget. It's something this North London Mum is always meaning to do but never quite gets round to. The app is addictively simple to use-it's hard not to track your daily expenses!

There are 4 tabs for tracking budget and expenditures: overview, expenses, recurring and history. It's easy to set up your monthly budget from the overview page, and then recurring income and expenses, by type and date. There are a clever set of icons to categorise your expenses into clothes, food, baby, travel, personal etc.

After that, it's super simple to keep track of your expenses by adding them into the transactions tab, selecting the category and add a description if you wish. The interface is refreshingly simple with a stick-it note design.

The app has great, simple to use features. The number pad makes it easy to calculate multiple transactions and you can use the currency from your iPhone region settings. If you turn the phone sideways it brings up a bar chart of your income vs expenses. And if you really feeling like indulging your geeky side (go on!) then you can upload your data on myMoneybook (my.moneybookapp.com) and unlock  interactive charts for each month and year. Surely tracking your money shouldn't be such fun?

You can get an overview with this YouTube Video.

Vital stats: 

Platform:iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Developer:  noidentity

What we loved: The app is really easy to get the hang of and use routinely during the day,

What we didn't: You can't summarise expenses by category on the app- which would be useful.

So go on- if you feel like tracking your spend - dip in and see how easy it is!

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