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North London Mums reviews The Insect Circus - don't miss out on this great show

Today we had a fantastic day out at Jacksons Lane in Highgate where we saw their half term show The Insect Circus which is on until 30th October (with Halloween Special on 31st).

We didn't know what to expect of The Insect Circus, which is billled as 'a variety show with a difference'. As North London Toddler is only just three, we've not done much theatre with her yet and were slightly apprehensive when we heard that the show ran for 1hr 40 minutes (with interval) as the longest she had ever sat still in a theatre for before was 45 minutes and even that was a struggle for her (and for us).

Luckily we didn't need to worry. The show is engaging, exciting and age appropriate all the way through and looking round the theatre I could see that all of the children were spellbound. My daughter kept clutching my arm and saying "wow", which is always a good sign I feel.

The structure of the show is very simple. A circus ring master introduces a number of acts - all with insect themes - and there are impressive jugglers, hula hoop acts, rope dancing etc. In fact, as a fan of cabaret and burlesque theatre myself I can say that the standard of acts was as high as many I have seen in performances geared towards adults. This means that this is one of those rare shows that is also really fascinating for adults to watch.

The Insect Circus costumes are very cleverly designed so that the insects look just strange enough to be interesting to children but are not at all scary.

The programme recommends it for ages from 0-100 but we would say this is probably suitable for 2.5 plus. The only thing we would have changed is the length of the show as we think 90 minutes is probably plenty for smaller children to sit through. 

The best judge of the experience however was definitely my daughter who asked me on the way home if we could "go to more shows like that". Let's hope we can.

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