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Appy Monday! Yum Yum Yum- heavenly Primrose Bakery App!

So here's a guilty secret- when this North London Mum was pregnant I visited the divine Primrose Bakery with friends and bought a dozen cupcakes to share with my family. My family ate one (good old Dad) and 11 swiftly disappeared in the course of a couple of days (well I was pregnant!). It seems I'm in good company- Jude Law has said ‘I defy anyone to find a better cupcake’. The truth is there is nothing more indulgent then cupcakes from this north London haunt but if you don't happen to pass Primrose Hill very often then the Primrose Bakery App is the app for you!

The app is fresh from the oven/app store, recently released on 2 November. It features 70 recipes with chapters on Cupcakes, Layer Cakes, Biscuits, Loaves and Slices, and Icings. There are some fabulous recipes such as banoffee pie and green tea cupcakes- yum. Marshmallow icing anyone? Each recipe has step-by-step instructions, plus notes for the cook, tips on decorating, and helpful videos on how to do perfect icing. The app allows you to search recipes or can inspire you with ideas for different occasions, flavour or skill level- which makes it extremely user friendly.

There are features which are familiar elements to recipe apps such as saving favourite recipes and sharing them with friends via Facebook and Twitter. You can also easily create a shopping list and add extra ingredients of your own.

The app also introduces a clever new feature called Touch-Free which allows you to wave your hand above the screen to jump from step to step. The blurb on the app store optimistically suggests "You never need worry about smudging your handset again."- that is presumably if you don't have kids- but still a great idea.

What we loved: Drooling over the stunning photos- this is window shopping for the waistline!

What we didn't: It's a bit costly- and this is the introductory price- we wonder how well the pricing will stand over time.

Vital Stats: Platform: iPhone
Cost: introductory price: £2.49
Go on- download and enjoy- you know you want to!

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