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Friday Finds- North London Mums gets arty

This week North London Mums get cultured with a visit to the Royal Academy (yes indeedy!) and a review of two art websites - 20x200 and L'Affiche Moderne which are all about social shopping (a slice of heaven?). No eating today- we'll leave that for the weekend!

If you have a budding ballerina at home (or indeed a child who has read the original "Olivia" books by Ian Falconer), then make a trip to the Royal Academy to see the exhibition: Degas and the Ballet: Picturing Movement. This was a first grown up gallery trip for North London Toddler and I don't know which one of us was more excited!

The exhibition traces the development of the artist's ballet imagery throughout his career. It takes an unusual approach, looking at Degas’s progressive engagement with the figure in movement, set against the background of parallel advances in photography and early film. We really enjoyed looking at his iconic paintings, sketches and statues- we left dancing down the street! There's also an app which explores 29 of the exhibition's key works with pinch-zoom images, slideshows and video. The show runs until 11 December and we highly recommend it!

Websites of the week

This week we are reviewing two websites which are all about social shopping- bringing together people who want to sell things with people who want to buy!

20x200 is a business which believes everyone needs art. The USP is (limited editions × low prices) + the internet = art for everyone. The aim is to bring together artists who want to sell their art with people who would like to buy it. It is a place where "almost any art lover can be an art collector."

The website introduces at least two new editions a week: one photo and one work on paper. The art is offered in a number of sizes and in a limited number or prints which dictate the price. Every print is delivered with a numbered certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist and the artist's bio and statement. The site is run from the US but ships internationally for reasonable prices. The website showcases fine art and photography and is searchable by type, colour, price and category. We love the unique range of prints.

L'Affiche Moderne is a French online gallery presenting the works of young photographers, graphic designers and children's illustrators. The site was conceived with the idea of creating a place to bring together great artists willing to present and sell their art and people who are looking for original and affordable art for their walls.

What we love about this site is that it is focussed on showcasing art for kids as well as adults "Just because it is never too soon to be an art lover." It also provides a platform for breaking talent and emerging artists. Each print is limited to 300 editions for each format and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. We love love love the collection for kids, which ihas categories including "sweet night", 'happy world" and vintage/retro. Dip in and enjoy- you're bound to buy something!

Have a fantastic weekend- and do let us know what you discover on your travels!

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