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Writing North London - the best North London blogs around and how to start your own

Since starting North London Mums, we've come across a whole load of amazing North London blogs written by parents. These blogs that we have featured are our favourites. Some have made us laugh, some have made us cry, some have taught us new things and inspired us and some have done all of these things. They are always great reads and we wanted to share them with you.

Woman Writing Letters, by Charles Dana Gibson 

We also give you some tips about setting up your own blog in case you have the urge but just don't know where to start. Blogging can be a really great creative outlet and is also a wonderful way to get to know new people and make new connections. It has certainly worked for us. 

Great North London blogs

A Mother Knows - we found this blog through the Mumsnet Bloggers Network and I am very glad that we did. Written by a thirty something journalist whose son was born premature and very ill, it is a really insightful blog that talks about the general experience of being a mother and the specific issues around neo-natal intensive care. It is moving, wise and sometimes funny too. Everything a good blog should be.
Favourite posts: The days before everything changed, I'm not the only one

Adventures at Home
Adventures at Home is a blog about the blogger's family's creative life - they play, sing, dance, cook, build, make and bake whenever they can. It's a place to exchange ideas, for anyone passionate about nurturing and celebrating children's creativity. We like to come here for inspiration when looking for things to do at home that don't cost a lot but are fun and creative.
Favourite posts: Hip Hampstead Heath, Make your own seaside fun, Disco dough

Courage Is..  is a fantastic blog written by the mother of a daughter (Grace) with asperger syndrome. The blog is about the daily challenges that they face in trying to help Grace with making and keeping friends at school and ensuring she gets the help she needs. Sophie, the mother and writer of the blog is a journalist by trade and this shows in her fantastic writing, which is always moving and entirely without waffle. Sophie also runs to raise money for autism charities and writes really well about the challenge and the relief this brings.
Favourite posts: Window on another world, Captain she can't take much more

I, Mummy is a very funny, very honest and very moving blog about being a full time mum (and part time other). What you will get here is really beautiful writing and a lot of posts that will make you nod your head in recognition - sleepless nights, gut wrenching love, boring playdates - it's all in here and really well portrayed. This is a fairly new blog and needs some comment love. We hope the blogger keeps writing as we love reading this.
Favourite posts: Time Out, The Birthday Cake, Mum-amorphisis

Mini Tea Devotee is the child of the original Tea Devotee blog, a really great blog about books and reading. Mini Tea Devotee was born when the writer wanted somewhere to record the experience of becoming a parent without boring her readers who still want to read about books. Like it's parent blog, it is very well written and funny and makes you want to sit down for tea and cake with the writer because you know that as well as talking about babies, she'd also want to talk about other things too!
Favourite posts: It Could Happen, Holidays With Babies Need A New Name

Sprinkles and Sprogs is written by Ali, whose son William was born partially deaf. Her blog is smart, funny and honest and I really enjoy reading it to find out about how William is doing.
Favourite posts: Duck, The Edge Of Reason

Start your own blog - go on!

If you want to start your own blog, the two easiest platforms to use are blogger or wordpress. We use blogger and it is free to set up and very easy to use - even for the technically challenged. Wordpress is probably slightly more versatile but has some costs attached as you need to pay for hosting.

If you want to learn more than we could ever teach you, why not sign up for this excellent free e-course run by popular blogger Little Mummy that teaches you everything you need to know about setting up and running a successful blog.

These are our favourites but we'd love to hear about any other great North London blogs. Do tell us what you like to read or tell us if we missed your blog. 

Have you ever felt moved to write a blog or do you balk at sharing you life with others? Let us know if you do start to blog or if you know you never will!
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