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Appy Monday! Let's Get Creative!

"How to make Origami" is an app discovered by North London husband that, I have to admit, I turned my nose up at first. Origami? isn't that a bit complicated? It turns out it's a really addictive app which will keep your children (and other halves) silent for hours!

How to make Origami 

You probably know that Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding. Origami has become increasingly popular in Japan and the rest of the world.

The purpose of the application, How to make Origami, is to teach how to fold traditional and non-traditional origami creations.The instructions really are clear and simple, with actual 3D-animation of the folding process to help you along.

The app is very simple. You open the app to a list of shapes such as crane, rabbit, giraffe, penguin and the number of steps. Once you have selected the shape, the app leads you through the stages with clear instructions and 3D animation to show you what to do. 

It really couldn't be simpler and before you know it you have some pretty cool characters filling up the living room/cafe/wherever you need to amuse your kids.
What we loved: A secret recipe to being seriously cool and creative.

What we didn't: We're so used to apps with music and interactivity that this stripped back app seems almost too simple. We wouldn't mind if there was voiceover to the instructions (little ones can't read!) and maybe some music! 

Vital Stats:
Cost: Free (yes really!)
Compatible with iPod, iPhone and iPad

North London Husband has progressed on to How to make Paper Airplanes, another  free app from this developer. You can turn your hand to making concord, or an F4 Phantom to name just a few. Addictive stuff for the boys...

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