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North London Mums reviews The Enormous Turnip at Jacksons Lane, Highgate - enormously good fun

It's only four days into the Christmas holidays and we have already used up all of the craft activities I had planned to last the entire time, and so I was very glad to go along to fantastic local venue Jacksons Lane today, to see The Enormous Turnip with the three year old and the baby. We really enjoyed seeing the show and thought it was a great production.

The Enormous Turnip is a popular story in our house and so we were all excited to see how they would bring it to life on the stage and I was interested to see how they would make it last longer than the ten minutes it takes to read!

What they've done is weave a sweet story around the main plot, that focuses on a couple who have grown old tending their allotment and are now in conflict about what to do in their retirement. Perhaps some of this plot went above the head of the three year old, but no matter. Luckily there were enough funny puppets, singing vegetables, comedy songs and audience participation to keep her more than amused for the full ninety minutes.

The set is very cleverly designed and there are some nice whimsical touches such as good use of video flashback and a cameo appearance by the turnip at the end. 

I was very pleased that the length of the show was just right for small children, and therefore all children were well behaved for the duration. Sometimes age guidelines seem a little ambitious to me, but in this case I think the 2+ guidance is probably fairly accurate in most cases.

We really enjoyed the show and were really glad we went. I feel very fortunate to have a venue that consistently shows high quality and innovative children's productions so nearby to me.

Jacksons Lane is showing The Enormous Turnip until 31st December so you've plenty of time to get on down.

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