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Appy Monday! North London Mums get poetic

This week North London Mums review the fantastic iF Poems app for children which has been causing quite a stir in the press and on the App Store.

IF Poems for iPhone/ iPod Touch,  and (as separate app) for the IPad were launched in November 2011. It was conceived by 2 mums, Allie Esiri and Rachel Kelly.

Billed at the first poetry app for children, the app contains 230 classic poems, many of which are read by the illustrious Helena Bonham Carter and Bill Nighy. The carefully chosen selection include works from T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Siegfried Sassoon, Lewis Carroll, Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson, Rupert Brooke, and William Shakespeare. 

The App caused a stir as soon as it was launched- it was downloaded 2000 times for iPhone and iPad within the first day of its release.

The App is cleverly organised by age range (0-6, 7-12 or 13+)  or by category such as Lessons for Life, Tell me a Tale, Short and Sweet, or by author- and is simple to navigate on both the iPhone and iPad versions. The whole look and feel of the app is like an old fashioned children's illustrated story- so  a refreshing change from the bright graphics of many kids apps.The iPad version has all the same elements but is optimised for the iPad experience.

Each poem is presented as if on a piece of paper, and gives you the options to find out more about the author, add it to your favourites, record a version of it or play a pre-recorded version. The fantastic audio versions really grabbed the attention of North London girlies. The sentiment behind the app is wonderfully expressed in the poem which introduces iF Poems- which we have reproduced here: 

If only there was an app that could educate as well as entertain...

If only there was an app that used words instead of weapons...

If only your children could discover the wonders of writing and poetry on their own terms, at their own speed...

Imagine if their teachers were two of the finest actors of their generation...

What we loved: This is genuinely unique and a treasure trove of poems which you can go back to again and again.

What we didn't: Nothing- Quite simply, we love this app.

Vital stats:

Cost: £1.99 for iPhone/iPod Touch ans £2.99 with 10% of all sales going to Save the Children.
Compatible with: iPhone/ iPod Touch and iPad

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