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Need an extra pair of hands? We know a woman who can help....

North London Mums has a really useful directory of local North London businesses and every week we will introduce you to one of the businesses who advertise with us.

Need help with getting things done? Need a PA or someone to help with your tax return? We know someone who can help. This week we want to tell you about the fantastic Rachel Dale, aka Girl Friday who advertises in our Parental Support and Helping Hands section.

Girl Friday was set up by North London based actress Rachel Dale, after she noticed just how hard it can be for people to have the help they need, often because they are too busy juggling work and family life and haven’t the time themselves or indeed like many they may live alone and aren’t lucky enough to have someone else on hand. She explained to us what gave her the idea in the first place:

“My Mum lives alone, up north and whenever I visit I’ll be helping out in the house and garden. She sometimes has some help whether it be with the computer or the lawns for example but all are different people’s services which can be more expensive – whereas I cover many things and I know Mum and her friends feel more comfortable with a female in their homes.”

As word spreads, Rachel’s tasks to date have indeed been varied helping people with their work and/or personal lives. Rachel told us some of the many things she's done: ‘I’ve done PR work for a new company, sorted receipts for tax returns; one client had an eye operation and needed another pair of eyes for a couple of days; many people need help with major sort outs – hands on, making space and often finding important documents in the process; I’ve sourced workmen and waited in for them; project managed and planned a flat transformation; researched and edited documents; designed party invites; I planned Christmas for one guy too busy to do it himself; I’m currently a motivational support for a client and another has a regular list of varied jobs from errands, filing, sorting, even little things that take time like Ebay listings and deleting old emails. Next on the list is life coaching a life coach and helping a playwright move house.’

We asked Rachel what sort of things she could envision herself doing to help busy mums and dads and she suggested the following:

- Make the packed lunches/tea while you play with the kids or vice versa
- Homework help/motivation, essay checking
- Collecting children/dropping off
- Party preparation/decorating – house/cakes
- Reading stories
- Taking children for outings
- Helping get the house straight

For more information on Girl Friday see: www.savemegirlfriday.com
or call Rachel on 07900 560991.

Get some help, make some time for yourself/your family. Just ask!

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