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North London Mums Get FIT!!!

Yes- it's that time of year again- North London Mums are on a mission to get fit and over the next few weeks we'll be testing out a range of workouts and reporting back (once we've caught our breath!). We'll be trying out fitness DVD's, Zumba, personal training, extreme home work out and much more - phew  we feel exhausted just thinking about it! And if you have any ideas or suggestions please let us know!

We kick off with 2 home workout-outs from the lovely Davina - the Pre- and Post Natal Work outs and the fab Super Body Workout-both  already a staple in this North London Mum's home.

If you are pregnant or have just had a baby then the Davina Pre and Post Natal Workouts may well be for you.

They kick off with a really lovely introduction from Davina, explaining the benefits of working out during your pregnancy, as well as giving some useful tips about how to approach exercise. The best tip of all- ignore celebrities who are super skinny within a few weeks of giving birth- we agree!

The DVD work out is divided into pre and post natal- the pre- featuring a pregnant Davina and the post featuring a post baby Davina, both with her trainer, Jackie. The DVD is made with the support of the NCT. The work outs are divided into aerobic and strength/toning, with a lot of focus on posture and positioning which is so important. We particularly enjoyed the post natal work out which explains in detail how to recognise what your abs are doing, and takes you through those wretched pelvic floor exercises. There's even a sharing of post baby tummies which has to make you feel good!

Our verdict? These regimes are well suited to those heavy weeks pre-birth and provide a great introduction back to exercise.We particularly like the care taken to explain postures.

For a more energetic work-out, head for Davina's Super Body Workout. This North London Mum has been doing these workouts  a couple of times a week for the last year and my arms have never looked so good!

The work-outs are divided into two 40 minute regimes- Super Fit and Super Sculpt.  They are a collaboration with Davina's trainers Jackie (who features in the pregnancy workouts) and Mark. Each exercise features a low impact version. Super Fit is a great aerobic kickboxing session which is easy to follow and lots of fun. Having done kickboxing previously, its great to have an exercise programme which gets you kicking and punching! Super Sculpt is a whole body toning regime using weights (and lots of squats) with aerobic intervals. You are guaranteed to be sweating by the end! You can also build on these work outs with additional option for upper body, legs or abs. There's also a super 6-pack option for bikini tummies! but this really is challenging. Each work out also features a low impact version

Our verdict? Its challenging to find work out opportunities when you have kids. These workouts have had me prancing around the dining room for the last year and I still go back for more: fun but still challenging, you really feel that you have had a good work out. Go on- give it a go!

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