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Why I can't get enough of Danish politics.... (Borgen and other Friday finds...))

I have to confess I have a secret addiction- it involves staying up late into the night and steeping myself in Danish politics. I finally had to confess the addiction to North London husband (he was getting suspicious at the use of "Ta" in my day to day language)....and he's addicted too.

If you are wondering what I am talking about then can I turn your attention to Danish drama Borgen. If you do know what I am talking about- then how much are you loving it?!

Birgitte Nyborg (Sidse Babett Knudsen) in Borgen

I wouldn't usually write about TV but all good mums and dads need some R&R and Borgen feels like particularly rewarding stuff.  Like most addictions, it actually took me surprise -I was really holding out for the return of the Good Wife (yey!) when I happened to come across this. A few minutes in and I was hooked.

I have to admit I did not watch The Killing (the headline grabbing Danish drama last year made by the same production house). But certainly that series paved the way for the popularisation of subtitled dramas, and probably the reason why I dipped into Borgen in the first place.

In a nutshell, the series follows the (fictional) trials and tribulations of a newly formed coalition government led by Denmark's first female prime minister. It is closely interwoven with the highs and lows of political reporting on the national TV station, and the manipulations of the government press team. It is gripping stuff starting in the first episode 3 days away from a national election- within the first 60 minutes there is an affair, an unexpected death, an unintentional fraud, as well as the passions and intrigues of winning through coalition politics. Much of it rings true to day to day politics in the UK and that must certainly be part of the attraction (and indeed the rather grey hues of most of the filming are a clever match for a January audience). Commentators call this the Danish West Wing and (as someone who watched the entire box set of the West Wing whilst on maternity leave) I have to agree that the pithy storylines and taut drama do really set this series apart.

But perhaps what I am enjoying most is the role of the leading lady, Birgitte Nyborg, the first lady prime minister and head of the moderate party. She is a real, believable leading lady, balancing the pressure and demands of family life with a powerful job, while showing the political insight and pragmatism that we grew to love in President Bartlett. She's an inspiring watch.

So if you have a few minutes, do grab the remote or laptop and dig in- we'd love to hear what you think. 

Friday finds.....

As you know North London Mums are always on the hunt for new and interesting places to eat, shop, play etc...This week we had hairdresser heaven followed by Honeycomb tea.

This week we headed off for North London Toddler's first haircut at MiniKin in Crouch End. We love this place- a little sanctuary of children's gifts, clothes and nursery goods,  and then tucked away at the back a small room crowded with toys where kids are the star of the show. A quick haircut later the baby was neatly coiffered with glitter and armed with a certificate and lock of hair. What more could you want?

Well, cake really, so we headed to Honeycomb Cafe - extremely kid friendly and good cakes too!

Have a good weekend and let us know what you get up to!

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