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Appy Monday- and so to sleep with Goodnight Safari!

Most mum and dads would agree that getting little ones into bed and asleep is one of our key priorities- and - and the new Goodnight Safari iPad App is a great new weapon in the battle for sleep!

Goodnight Safari was launched in January 2012 and listed on both "New and Noteworthy" and "What's Hot' in the App Store. It is developed by Polk Street Press - a member of Moms with Apps which is a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.

This is an interactive book where you can help the safari animals prepare for bed by tapping on the baby animals. So you (or your child!) can help the rhino have a bath, the zebra find his mum, the giraffe reach the leaves in the trees. There are also other interactive elements in each page to explore, such as swarming butterflies around the zebras. The story can be either narrated or read.

The graphics are really impressive- beautiful 2D animation with wonderful textures which jump out of the screen- for example the lions look like they have been knitted.

And yes- this is a really calm and peaceful book, particularly with the sleepy sounds of wildlife at night in the background, and the gently snoozing animals in the final scene (little "ZZZs float up if you touch them).

What we loved: This really is beautiful animation and a sweet story- yawn- we feel sleepy just reviewing it!

What we didn't: We would have liked to be able to navigate through more simply- you are directed by arrows but they don't appear until the task is finished.

Vital stats:
Platform: iPad
Cost: £1.49

My "energetic" toddler was entranced, which must be a good thing- try it out and let us know what  you find!

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