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It's World Book Day Tomorrow - Read about our top five children's books and win a book voucher

Tomorrow is World Book Day. We need no excuse to read books but we wanted to mark the day by sharing our top five children's books with you and by asking you to tell us your favourite. We'll pick the book we like the sound of the most to win a £20 book voucher.

Reading with children is a pleasure and we try to do it whenever we can. One of the things I've enjoyed most about having children is rediscovering books from my own childhood that I'd totally forgotten about. These are my top five favourite children's books and a mixture of classic and modern books (I've cheated slightly in picking authors who've published a lot of books and mentioning all my favourites!) There are lots of books that I love reading with my children, but these are the ones we revisit time and time again.

I'd love to hear yours too as I'm always looking for new books to buy and help my children to grow up to love books like I do.

Alfie - Shirley Hughes

Most of us who gre up in the 70s and 80s will be familiar with the fantastic Alfie series. It's a joy for me to rediscover these books which tell the story of Alfie and his sister Annie Rose and their everyday adventures. The stories are simple and enjoyable for parents and children but it is the illustrations that I love the most. Here is our childhood brought to life!
Another Shirley Hughes favourite of mine is the less well known but hugely lovely Sally's Secret, which inspired my life long love of cosy dens. This is a great one for those who love dens and tea parties.

Bob The Man On The Moon - Simon Bartram

My daughter and I discovered this book together as we borrowed it from her nursery library. She loved it so much that we had to buy our own copy. She still loves it so much that we read it every night and both know it by heart! It's hard to describe what is so enjoyable about this book which tells the story of Bob, a man who looks after the moon and yet doesn't believe in the aliens that are everywhere around him. I think perhaps its the sense for the child that they know more than an adult does that makes them take such huge delight in it. Whatever it is, I think we'll be reading it for a long time yet!

Mog's Bad Thing- Judith Kerr

What a struggle it was to pick one Mog book! Mog accompanied me through my own childhood and is now teaching my daughter about life too in her own special way. Mog is a brilliant character with a strong sense of her own importance. All of the books are good but this is my particular favourite. Of course Judith Kerr also wrote one of the all time classic children's books in The Tiger Who Came To Tea, which no good list of children's books would be complete without.

For older children, Goodbye Mog, which is the last book in the series and tells of Mog's eventual demise is a great book to stimulate discussions around death or help them through the death of a pet.

We are wearing out the naughty step - Mick Inkpen

The first time I read this, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. So I did a bit of both. This book is absolutely hilarious and very close to home for anyone who has a toddler and who has ever been a less then perfect mother (that's all of us then).

Owl Babies - Martin Waddell

This story is a real delight to read with children. It tells the story of three little owls who wake up to find that their mummy has gone out without them. My daughter and I love reading the book and I find it useful when she is sad about me going somewhere to remind her about the mummy owl who always comes back. It's a great book for exploring the anxiety of separating in a gentle and humorous way.

It's so hard to leave out the many other amazing books we love to read and in particular I must mention - We're going on a bear hunt and Some Dogs Do both published by the superlative Walker Books.  It could have been a top 20!

And now over to you! Leave a comment below or on Facebook or tweet us @northlondonmums to let us know your favourite book. We'll pick our favourite entry to win a £20 book voucher to spend in honour of World Book Day.  You'll also need to enter your email address below so that we know how to contact the winner.

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Denyse Whillier 29 February 2012 at 12:50 said...

For our YogaBugs adventures, I'm a great fan of the Julia Donaldson books - Rabbits, Nap, Monkey Puzzle and of course The Gruffalo. For bedtime reading, my all time favourite is "Can't You Sleep Little Bear" by Martin Waddell.

sarahcran 29 February 2012 at 17:36 said...

Our favourite is the Wonky Donkey by Craig Smith. It has love illustrations and rthymes.

Alison 29 February 2012 at 21:54 said...

My 9 year old absolutely loved 'Mr Stink' by David Walliams. She couldn't put it down and then had to re-tell me each part of the book and then when she had finished she insisted that I read it too!

A Green and Rosie Life 1 March 2012 at 07:56 said...

It has to be The Gruffalo. I still know it by heart!

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