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Winter adventures: Snowy fun and warm retreats

So when the snow hits, apart from the obligatory snowman, what wintry adventures can you get up to? After 24 hours of gluing and sticking, North London Mum ventured out to explore....

It's tempting when its snowy to stay in, stay warm, and settle down with a box set, or the Tinkerbell trilogy (for the hundredth time). But cabin fever quickly sets in at this North London home. We decided to embrace the snow and get adventurous.

The first thing we looked for was a hill- a big one. One of the best places for a good steep hill is Kenwood- full of whizzing children hurtling down the hillside, with the picturesque lake in front and Kenwood House behind.  A perfect slice of English life, and good tea and cake too in the cafe- next time there's a snow fall do go and explore!.

If you are looking for serious sledging action then you can't beat Parliament Hill- fab views of London go hand in hand with high speeds. And then of course there is Primrose Hill- I seem to remember skimpily clad north londoners hurtling down a mud chute in the heady days of summer- now  perfect for sledging action. There's a handy playground down the hill to the right-  plus you can stagger to Primrose Hill Bakery after - yum (is there a theme emerging)?

...and if, like me, you realised belatedly that your little one has no suitable footwear, we highly recommend Next's snowboots- order by 9pm get delivered the next day. We don't often promote chains but frankly this was a saviour!

But, if you still want that outdoor feel but sledging isn't your thing, then we would also recommend the Palm House at Kew. We wrote about our visit quite recently- fantastic tropical hangout, with great scope for a snowballs outside. Or indeed the butterfly house at London zoo- although most animals tend to hide away in the cold so maybe not an ideal day out.

And if it really is just to cold or snowy to venture out then of course "There's an App for that"- Make-A Snowman is a free app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Loads of backgrounds, characters and accessories will keep you going.

We'd love to hear about your snowy adventures- and sledging recommendations! 
Childrens Safety Advice 10 February 2012 at 16:09 said...

If you are keen to venture out then you should also ensure that your children are wrapped up and kept warm.

When a child starts to feel cold and wet a feeling of worry and danger can sometimes set in and this should be avoided, even a simple holding hand or quick cuddle can re assure them that nothing is wrong.

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