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Appy Monday - Tales for Great Grandchildren, a very enjoyable app book for older children

This week's app is a great book of unusual stories aimed at 7-12 year olds called Tales for Great Grandchildren.  The app is published by independent publisher JJ Books and draws on the folklore and mythology of India and Nepal,  inspired by author John Jackson’s travels in those countries. A father, grandfather and great-grandfather himself, he has created an enchanting world of flying turtles, truculent tigers and talking lotus flowers that young readers will really enjoy exploring.

John’s stories have been brought to life by critically acclaimed artist Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini  who has created 27 original illustrations for the book, including 13 full colour works and they are really beautiful and enchanting animated illustrations.

JJ Books set themselves the challenge of capturing the beauty of a traditional illustrated hardback book in app form and I think they have really succeeded with this. The app looks beautiful and is ideal for reading at bedtime with an older child as it has relaxing background music and the stories are reflective and gentle. For younger children, there is also the option of having the book read to them and it is the author himself whose absorbing voice reads the story.

What we loved:
The illustrations are really beautiful, the narrator's voice is soothing and absorbing, the stories are interesting and unusual

What we didn't: We've seen storybook apps before that have more interactive features to bring the children into the stories more

Vital Stats: The app is available for iPad or also on Kindle. Downloading the app through the App Store is free (excellent) and includes an Introducion to the Tales and one story. Further tales are 69p each or £4.99 for twelve. You can also buy it as an iBook from iTunes for £3.99.

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