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Got clutter? We know someone who can help....

Got clutter? Get help!

North London Mums has a really useful directory of local North London businesses and every week we will introduce you to one of the businesses who advertise with us. This week we want to tell you about  a unique service run by Juliet Landau-Pope, a North London mum and professional life coach and declutterer who advertises in our Parental Support and Helping Hands section.

I was intrigued by this idea as (I have to admit) clutter is something that I do struggle with despite my best intentions. So, I booked a consultation with Juliet so that she could come and give me some hints and tips on how to get my clutter under control and make my house a nicer environment for all of us. Juliet offers a free consultation to everyone and this is a great way to find out if what she offers is for you or not.

Firstly, I was relieved that Juliet said that my house is just a mild case of clutter. Phew. She looked with me around the whole house and I was honest in opening up even the very worst cupboards that are never normally seen by anyone but me! After we'd toured the house, we sat down and Juliet told me where she would start with my house if she were to come and work with me.

 From this...

Her ideas were really straightforward and helpful, in particular she suggested that my toys (currently stored in cupboards and toy boxes) are not accessible enough to my children who can't see what there is to play with and so have to get everything out. She suggested putting them in more visible see through storage or labelled boxes and I will definitely be doing this. This really resonated with me as after thinking it through I can see that this means that there are a lot of toys that never get played with because they are at the back of cupboards and so need me to remember about them and get them out rather than the children wanting to play with them themselves spontaneously.

 ...to this

Juliet's help is very practical and she will come and sort the clutter with you herself, not just give advice. After the consultation session she will give you a list of things you need to buy (boxes, labels etc) and then come back to sort it with you in one or two sessions. I think this would be very helpful as these are often the tasks that slip down the to-do list and so knowing that you have a date booked to sort it out would definitely make sure you didn't postpone it any more!

Juliet is also a qualified life coach and this comes across as she has a really good manner and I can see that she would be firm with her clients whilst at the same time being understanding and good fun! Juliet says that decluttering is also a powerful metaphor for clarifying priorities, managing time and honouring core values.She aims to make sure that after seeing her your habits have changed for life. Juliet will also take away any unwanted goods to charities or recycling, or help them find meaningful ways of parting from things that they no longer need.

She has many happy clients as these testimonials show:

"I hired Juliet twice – once to declutter my children’s playroom and once for my office. Juliet is totally trustworthy, has a reassuring pair of hands and is a fabulous listener. She works with efficiency and skill, and allows you to really wonder why on earth you kept all that junk for so long. Boris should have her clear up London’s clutter starting with the Houses of Parliament and News International. I suspect Juliet will be asked by Seb Coe to sort out the clutter of 2012 and I can wholeheartedly recommend her."  Ronit Knoble, February 2012    

"Juliet brings fun and laughter to decluttering but at the same time stays intuitively attentive to the emotional demands of this often life-changing process. Moreover she is socially and ecologically conscientious and genuinely loves her work. I can't recommend her enough!" SA, February 2012

Find out more about Juliet, what she does and how she can help you (in strictest confidence) by getting in touch with her. Contact Juliet on 078178 33319 or jlpcoach@btinternet.com. Her wesbite is www.jlpcoach.com.

A clutter free life can be yours!

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