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Return to Kew Gardens- fun Easter -themed activities

Back at Christmas time we wrote about our trip to Kew- a fab wintry adventure with lots of fun indoor and outdoor and outdoor stuff for kids.

We thought we would head back for an Easter exploration and we weren't disappointed. Kew is running a Maya chocolate adventure until 15 April. For older children there is a Maya chocolate trail around the Gardens where children can collect rubbings of Mayan symbols. En route at the Waterlily House you can create origami waterlilies and offer an origami flower as a gift to the Maya jaguar god in the waterlily pond - very pretty. We also visited the Mayan base camp there are tents with different craft activities for children of all ages.

Enjoying the chocolate making workshop

The highlight was the chocolate making workshop- a free 30 minute workshop at the Munch Box by the Climbers and Creepers play area where children have the opportunity to try the Mayan chocolate drink and to decorate and eat a chocolate disc, while learning about the history of chocolate. The session is run by the guys from Chocolution who take a jaunty trip through the history, getting children up to play characters in the tale along the way. Great fun and a hearty message too: encouraging us away from overprocessed chocolate,  unlocking the healthy potential of cacao, and placing the eco-friendly future of chocolate firmly in our hands.

Really Kew is a great day out- a bit pricey but if you think you'll visit at  least twice a year then a year's membership is good value. So if you are wondering what to do in the next few days definitely head west!

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