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Appy Monday! Get your kids fired up about food with the ABC Food app

On the search for a new app to entertain the kids I came across ABC Food. This is a sweet app which is all about combining letter recognition with recognising food for kids.

If, like me, your average trip to the supermarket involves your kids picking up everything is sight and saying "can we have this? what's this mum?" then the ABC Food app could be the app for you!  The App is part of the ABC series that teaches children new words through sight, sound & touch.
In this App, children can explore food through the alphabet. They'll soon be experts in an A to Z of food.

Navigating through the aphabet

The home page displays the letters of the alphabet. When you click though, you reach a picture of the food, with the words spelt out with cheerful animated characters at the bottom. You have the option to pull down the little chef which brings you to a new page with interactive elements. For example, using your figure you can chop the cauliflower with your finger, or decorate a cake by swirling your finger over it. There's also video hidden behind some letters. There are over 70 food words and lots of different interactive features for kids to enjoy.

This is obviously a US app, so some references (eg zuccini) aren't used so much here, but it is still useful for getting children to recognise the names of different foods. 
What we loved: The app features sweet animation and graphics which make the app quite charming. It's a fun way to learn about food words.

What we didn't: We didn't find it very intuitive- we had to work out how to unlock the various screens and navigate back from videos etc. But once you get it your kids can play with it without needing any more help.

Vtal Stats:
Cost: £1.99
Compatible with: iPod, iPhone and iPad

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