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Appy Monday! Singing Alphabet - a very sweet, fun and educational app

Looking for an app that's fun and educational and also, importantly, NOT annoying? Then Singing Alphabet is the app for you. We love it.

Singing Alphabet from Ministry of Letters builds on the idea that the alphabet is alive, highly organised and made up of a gang of unique, colourful male and female characters.

In the app, the 26 members of the alphabet are shown waiting on stage ready to perform. Children touch a letter to hear it sing its ‘phonetic’ sound sung. By continuing to press the characters, simple words can be created at the bottom of the screen and the child becomes a composer by creating their own unique tunes.

Most importantly, the music is very enjoyable to listen to and children can have fun creating different tunes as they put together different words. It also looks beautiful, right from opening which shows some great London scenes down to the individual letters, this is really well drawn. It's very simple and will be useful for anyone whose child is learning to read and spell phonetically or is just becoming familiar with letter sounds.

If you want to know more before you buy, here is a very sweet film of children playing the app:

What we loved: The music is great and fun to listen to. The app looks really colourful and is easy to navigate.  Also this only costs 69p and so is a great bargain.

What we didn't: It wasn't immediately obvious how to make words and it would be better if the words were sounded out as words instead of just individual letters. There is a great deal more that could be done to build on this excellent app including the ability to take each letter individually and play with it but we suspect that a version 2 will provide a lot more opportunities for this kind of word play.

Vital Stats: This is available for iPad only currently and costs 69p.



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