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Appy Monday- write your own fairytale with Princess Fairy Tale Maker!

We love the Duck Duck Moose apps, but their latest app, Princess Fairy Tale Maker,  is quite different- it allows you to create your own fairy tale- and frankly it's brilliant!

If you have children who are a that sparkling age when it is all about creativity and role play then they will love this app. The app features lots of the trademarks of the Duck Duck Moose apps such as the background music and images. When you enter you have the choice to select fairytales or colouring. Selecting fairytales brings you to a selection of 32 fairytale scenes to choose from.  Choose the background and then select the stickers from a huge range of characters, animals, accessories, letters or numbers to populate the scene. Then, the best part- you click on the microphone and you can record your story, moving the characters across the scene. The app captures the story and the movement and plays the "movie" scene back with a swish of the curtain and round of applause at the end.

Simply brilliant- North London Little Lady amused herself for a good half hour creating scenes and recording them- much laughter. If you get bored you can move on to the colouring section and colour in your own background.

What we loved: Your kids already love apps where they can colour and make sticker pictures - now they can create a mini movie too!

What we didn't: It took a bit of working out- perhaps a tour would be helpful.

Vital Stats: 
Cost: £1.49
Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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