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Appy Monday! We get counting with Mathomatix Measurement

The clever people from Punflay (Emantras) have launched an educational app for pre-schoolers all about measurement, building on their popular Mathomatix series.  We think it's pretty cool- and the kids do too.

So, measurement concepts such as length, volume or weight may not seem like fun topics for an app, but Punflay have done a good job of creating a fun interactive app that your pre-schoolers will enjoy.

With charming animations, and lively sound effects,  the app has 5 games which teach different concept of measurement. The games North London little ladies particularly enjoyed are-
- "Crazy Clock" is an interesting way to learn how to tell the time- a voice announces the time and the task is to move the minute hand of a cute clock to set the correct time. Kids will get lots of practice learning to associate time with familiar activities in their day.
- "Scale Tale":  introduces kids to the concept of weight. A one-eyed monster holds two items and the game is to guess which item is heavier or lighter. Is a pineapple heavier or lighter than a cup cake?
- "Long and Short": which uses familiar objects such as crayons and  buses, as objects of comparison to learn the concept of length. This game presents two objects of different lengths. Simply tap on the one that is longer or shorter.

What we loved: Fun animations and straightforward games which you can play again and again.

What we didn't: The app has text-based explanations for each game- but maybe a visual walk through would be useful for little ones.

Vital Stats:
Cost: £1.49
Platforms iPhone and iPad
There are lots of other educational apps by Punflay- we'll definitely be exploring!

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