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Appy Monday! We have fun with the charming Kandy Fish

I passed a jewellery shop yesterday where a couple were looking at some jewellery. Sitting on the floor by their feet were 2 little boys, each with an iPhone in hand, avidly concentrating. Frankly, what did we do before iPhones and ipads?
Well, as you know we are always on the hunt for new and interesting apps and the team at Punflay asked us to look at Kandy Fish, an iPad app.

Kandy Fish-3D is an animated picture book for preschoolers. Your little ones can dive undersea to play and learn about shapes, colours, and directions with the colorful Kandy Fish.
Kandy Fish has been specially designed to teach your child, simple preschool concepts. It is a sweetly designed app with cute little fish swimming the screen, the gentle pop of bubbles and classical music behind. When you enter the app, a central video introduces the different colour fish, prompting your child to look at colours and to count the fish, and describes how they are swimming (circles, recatangles etc). This story is replicated in a book where your child can turn the pages and the words also appear. Voiceover and text highlighting allow kids to follow the story easily.

There are 4 simple games, with the instructions introduced by voiceover. Kolor Pots encourages your child to match the colour of the fish to the pots of paint. Kandy Kolor is a painting game- lots of different fishy scenes to paint with a wide range of colours! Kandy Fun encourages your child to look at patterns of colours. Finally Kandy Time encourages your child to trace different patterns on the iPad- perhaps the point of the game is not obvious at first but it does encourage your child to trace different shapes.

What we loved: Simple games perfect for pre-schooler with lovely animation and sound effects.

What we didn't: We would have like a different or more stories in the "read" section!

Vital stats:

Cost: £1.49

Compatible with: iPad

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