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In The Night Garden Live at Brent Cross - don't miss it!

This morning we caught the Ninky Nonk and headed off to see In the Night Garden Live at Brent Cross, we weren't disappointed. I took my eighteen month old daughter who is a big fan of the TV show and a friend whose daughter had never seen it. Both children were utterly transfixed by this beautifully staged production that brings the characters to life.

There are four showings every day and the show runs until 22 July so don't miss your chance to go if your children are fans (or even if not).

The show is in a purpose built arena with no formal seating, and lasts 50 minutes so is a very good introduction to live performance for little children. Children were able to move around fairly freely in the showing we went to because it wasn't full. The format is very similar to the television show so children know what to expect and the loud cheering and clapping every time one of the main characters appeared on stage made it seem more like a rock concert than a children's show. My daughter was beside herself with glee when Iggle Piggle came on and couldn't quite believe her eyes that her hero was there in front of her eyes. Seeing her face light up like that made it a real joy for me.

I was very impressed with the costumes, props and the way in which the whole space is used and don't think they could have done anything better to bring the show to life for children. I was also pleased that merchandise was not pushed too heavily before or after the performance, which can ruin theatre sometimes when you say no to buying yet another toy with flashing lights that breaks the minute you get it home. Added extras like bubbles made it even more exciting. Most children there were under 3, which is probably the best age for this.

On until 22 July, some performances are sold out but lots of tickets still available. See full listings here.

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