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Introducing Granny and I - a fantastic new childcare service

All our readers will know, as we do, how important it is to find good childcare and how hard it can sometimes be. We were very excited therefore to hear about Granny and I, a new agency set up by London mum Francesca after the birth of her daughter. Granny and I is an agency that places experienced ‘Grannies’ in families as nannies, maternity nurses, mother’s helps, au-pairs, housekeepers and more. We found out more....

Francesca told us that she set up Granny and I with her mother, Grazia, in March 2012. After having her daughter Penelope the previous year, Francesca found that her mum’s support was invaluable not only during the postnatal period, but also as Penny got older and in some ways more demanding. Having a mature, experienced woman there to help her deal with the daunting task of looking after a new baby was an absolute blessing, and something that most of her friends with babies did not have. From this experience Granny and I was born, with the idea of harnessing the amazing knowledge, experience and professionalism of women who have worked with children and babies for decades, often raised their own families and managed their own homes, and not only know what it all involves but are now free to dedicate their time to it. 

Francesca, Grazia and Penny

Granny and I is an agency that places experienced ‘Grannies’ in families as nannies, maternity nurses, mother’s helps, au-pairs, housekeepers and more. 

Their Grannies are mature women with decades of experience looking after children; they have often raised their own children and grandchildren, and on average are aged between 50 and 65, although it is not so much a matter of age as of life experience and attitude! Granny and I are extremely picky when it comes to their Grannies: they meet them all in person and interview them in detail; they check at least three recent references, and all Grannies are CRB-checked and hold First Aid certificates. They want to get to know their Grannies well so that they can guarantee a good match for their clients. 

Finding a Granny for your childcare or housekeeping needs is super easy: just email or call Francesca on 07545161515 or francesca@grannyandi.co.uk, she will call you back within a few hours to have a brief chat about your needs and requirements. After some research the agency will get back to you with 2 or 3 CVs of Grannies that closely match your requirements. You will then be able to interview them and come to a decision. Granny and I will repeat this process until you have found your perfect Granny! They will then charge a one-off placement fee - their fees are extremely reasonable compared to other London-based agencies, all part of wanting to make the process of hiring a Granny easy, affordable and stress-free.

Want to know more? Granny and I are offering North London Mums readers a 10% discount off your first booking!

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