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Introducing Baby Beau - beautiful, stylish and versatile changing bags

Buying your baby changing bag is a big decision and if you chose wisely you can use it for many years. Are you looking for a stylish but practical changing bag? Look no further than BabyBeau. North London Mums talked to founder Rebecca Gono to find out what makes these baby bags different to others on the market.

Rebecca established BabyBeau in 2012. Being a new mother, she found finding a baby changing bag that was practical and stylish 
to be almost impossible. She noticed there was a growing demand for fashionable luxury leather changing bags from parents like herself who wanted a bag that was big enough to be useful with lots of compartments but also nice enough to take out without baby in tow.

Rebecca set up BabyBeau so that each bag reflects your style, is elegance and ultimately fashionable whilst being essentially functional. BabyBeau changing bags are all about bringing style, flexibility and practicality to a new parents world.

What we particularly liked about each beautiful baby changing bag is that each baby bag can easily be transformed from a changing bag to an ordinary handbag, simply by removing the convenient pop-out baby organiser, making these baby changing bags so much more than just a changing bag.

We've featured photos of some of our favourites in this article but there are lots more to see too, all equally classic and stylish. The changing bags are all made from luxurious leather and you can see the wide range of stylish leather changing bags on the website. We very much like the fact that carrying around one of these b baby bags won't make you feel like your life is only about nappies, wipes and milk but that they allow you to stay in touch with the you from before children came along that liked to carry a bag around that looked good too!Prices start from £177.00, we think that when you consider the quality and how long these will last, babybeau leather changing bags come with a very reasonable price tag. If you'd like to find out more about Baby Beau, see their website here. We will certainly be buying one of their bags very soon and showing it off in the playground!

Even bettter news is that if you buy before 10th December, you can get 25% off using this link.

Anonymous 29 December 2012 at 23:46 said...

These bags are amazing. Really good value and I am sure to use my Eden bag from Babybeau for many years beyond motherhood.

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