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Holidays with baby!

The next thing to plan after Christmas is a holiday (although I feel like I need one now!). But traveling with babies and children can be a different holiday experience! Our friends at Classic Cottages have written us a guest post about holidaying with babies...

Benefits of booking a holiday with a baby
One of the advantages of travelling with a baby or pre-school age children is that you're not bound by school holidays. This means that you can make the most of off peak deals available outside of the busy summer and Christmas periods. 
Off peak holidays
Off peak holidays carry the added bonuses of roads that are free of holiday traffic and beaches and attractions without the crowds – yippee! Less people equals more peace and quiet, which means more relaxation and quality sleep, therefore more fun all round.
Booking a holiday out of peak season can also mean there is a wider choice of properties available at cheaper rates. Or if you are prepared to use the same budget, you may get a higher standard of property – a larger living space or additional wash facilities, for example – making life easier for larger family groups
When to go?
In the UK, the climate is fairly mild all year round, so you don't need to worry about extreme heat or cold for your little ones. A holiday in January or November is likely to be wetter and cooler than in May or September. But predicting the weather these days at any time of year is a bit of a lottery. The best policy is to come prepared for rain or shine and be prepared to be flexible with your arrangements during your stay.
Beaches for all seasons
The summer holidays in July and August are traditionally 'bucket and spade season'. But in recent years, the UK has enjoyed some of its finest days in spring and late summer into early autumn. Especially down in the West Country, where we're blessed with a mild micro-climate. September, when the schools have gone back, can produce some beautiful beach weather. On the other hand many of us enjoy a visit to the beach in the depths of winter. Wave watching on a stormy day has much appeal and can leave you feeling quite invigorated, but remember to take care as the coast can be an unpredictable and dangerous place at times.
Comfort and relaxation
October through to February are the perfect months for a cosy fireside break with the family. November – the 'lowest of the low season' – is good for finding cheap deals as school holidays rarely fall in this month. Whisking the family away to snuggle up for hot chocolates and toasting marshmallows around the fire, is the perfect winter pick-me-up. A short break could leave you feeling refreshed and once again ready to embrace your busy home life.
Finding the perfect place
If you're holidaying with a baby or young toddlers, it is great to have your own space and have the freedom to be flexible. Because we know how much space the baby paraphernalia can take up in your car, we've identified a selection of particularly 'baby-friendly' properties in The West Country that provide some of the essentials for little ones, so that you can travel lighter. 
If you find a property you would like to holiday in but are unsure about its suitability for your party, please contact the team at Classic.  We understand how important your holiday is to you and we strive to help you find your perfect property and location.

We'd love to hear your experiences of the best time to book a holiday with your baby or young toddler!

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