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Dogs Don't Do Ballet- do they?

I can't help it- there are some books in my daughters' collection that I like more than others, and "Dogs Don't do ballet" is definitely in my top 10. So I was really excited to see that an adaptation of Dogs Don't Do Ballet  is on at The Little Angel Theatre in Islington (for my daughters of course!).

If you haven't yet visited the Little Angel Theatre then do go soon- it's a really sweet little theatre perfect for little kids- and of course surrounded by shishy shops and patisseries for mums.

The performance really was fantastic from start to finish. It was very humorously presented by two actors/puppeteers who took on various roles from the book. They start off warming up the audience with a "ballet class" with all the audience taking part. The performances and puppetry bring the story to life in a humorous and convincing way- quite a feat given the story. They even manage to weave in a fantastical dream for the disappointed dancing dog -complete with giant menacing red ballet shoes. A perfect show for children 2-6 - and mummies too.

The show runs until 27 January, and then pops up again at the Tricycle Theatre in Kilburn on Monday 18 February. Enjoy!

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