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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy this Winter

As any parent knows, whenever the temperature drops and the days get dark and chilly, colds and flu bugs start making their way through our homes, nurseries and schools. During this time of year, everyone is coughing and sneezing and since the weather is cold outside, we are all stuck inside together breathing in each other’s germs! Winter can really put a toll on your child’s immune system so you will want to pay extra attention to their health during this time of year so that they don’t come down with an illness. It’s impossible to keep your children away from any other kids who might be ill and bundling them up doesn’t really do anything. However, there are some important things that you can do to keep your little ones healthy. Here are a few important things that you can do this winter to keep your kids from getting one of those pesky winter bugs.
Teach Good Hand Washing Habits

Regular hand washing is one of the easiest and yet most effective ways that your child can avoid getting sick. Teach your child to always wash their hands with soap and warm water after they use the toilet, before eating meals and as soon as they come home from school or a friend’s house. If you can make this second nature for your child, it will be a habit which will serve them well throughout their life to keep them from getting sick.

You should lead by example, always washing your hands before preparing food and after changing nappies or wiping snotty noses. Anti-bacterial sprays are not necessary, just simple soap will remove germs from the surface of the skin.

Keep Your Child’s Vaccinations up to Date

You can protect your toddler from many different types of viruses and bacteria by making sure that their vaccinations are up to date and that they have received their yearly flu shot. Vaccination is generally considered to be one of the best ways to prevent infectious diseases. Check with your GP to find out which vaccinations are recommended and when your child should receive them.

Give them the Nutrients they Need

Make sure that your toddlers eat a balanced diet of healthy foods which will give their little bodies the fuel that they need to fight illness. Their diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as protein rich foods such as lean red meat, poultry, eggs, fish and legumes. Reduce the amount of sugar that they eat, as excess sugar intake can be detrimental to the immune system.

Garlic is a great natural medicine which gives immune systems a huge boost and does wonders to improve health. You can feed your kids hummus or add it to pasta or rice dishes.

Make sure that they get Plenty of Sleep

If your kids are not well rested, this lowers their immune system and keeps them from being able to fight off winter illnesses. Make sure that they stick to a reasonable bedtime and get enough sleep. If you have trouble getting them to sleep, a calming bedtime routine including a warm bath, snuggles, story time and no computers or television can help to relax them. If you are looking for more suggestions on how to keep your kids healthy this winter, then why not take a trip to one of the three London based Blossoms Healthcare centres where you can visit a private GP. They can help you to keep your toddlers happy and healthy all throughout the chilly winter months.

Stay warm and well and enjoy winter! 

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