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Struggling with Juggling? Here our some top tips from Career Tree PLUS a chance to win a FREE career coaching session!

Always trying to juggle work with family life? Help is at hand, CareerTree has some top tips…

PLUS you can win a FREE career coaching session with CareerTree Coach Sarah Archer 

So it’s only Tuesday and already you’re exhausted ….By 9am you’ve already done 3 hours hard graft to get everyone ready for nursery and/or school before you’re even started your ‘working day’. And the evening won’t be much better – the mad rush from your last meeting to catch the tube so you’re not the last one to pick up again, and then dealing with everyone else’s emotions – they’re tired and they’ve missed you which guarantees a few tantrums before bedtime. Meanwhile your partner’s arrived home and wants some quality time with you, or at the very minimum something to eat! So you fall into bed exhausted and wonder why you’re on this crazy treadmill - while you love your job you’re also beginning to feel torn between keeping everything together at home and doing a great job at work - plus you have a sneaking suspicion you might not be doing either ‘job’ very well!

If this sounds familiar then you’re not alone, research carried out for the Family and Work show at the end of 2013 with 1000 working or expectant parents revealed, alarmingly, that a quarter of working mums wished they had not gone back to work after having children, and this is largely due to lack of support at home and at work.

Three top tips:

  1. Firstly you need to block out some time for yourself - you know deep down that if you manage to have some quality time for yourself whether it’s a yoga class, a massage once a week or a regular night out that you will be a better parent and employee the next day. Frame it as an investment in yourself that will pay dividends to the people around you.
  2. Secondly, embrace delegation – get the kids involved – it will build their confidence and make a chore seem fun. It might take a bit longer at the beginning but once they get the hang of feeding the cat or laying the table they will love the responsibility.
  3. Reframe your value at work – highlight what you do contribute, concentrate on what your strengths are, and set boundaries for yourself. Give yourself permission to take a lunch break, not agree to meetings at the end of the day and not to feel you have to prove your worth by taking on too much.
Share what works for you…..to win a free career coaching session with Sarah send your top tip for work/life balance plus your contact details to sarah@careertree.org.uk. A winner will be selected on 16th July 2014.  All entrants will receive a compilation of the top tips received, as well as CareerTree’s ‘7 steps to Career Confidence’ guide.

Competition rules:

(i) The competition closes on 16th July 2014. 
(ii) The best work/life balance tip will be chosen by Sarah at CareerTree and the winner will be contacted using the email address provided. The judge's decision is final.  
(iii) All entrants will receive a compilation of the Top Tips at the end of July.
(iv) There is no cash alternative to the prize.

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