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Parental Support/Helping Hands

A kidspace is a support programme for children going through Divorce or separation.  We believe that it is crucial for children to be able to access support and have the space to off-load some of their worries and concerns.  We provide individual and group workshop at Chase Lodge Hospital NW7.   For more information contact Stacey 07811745163 or Emma 07980556174 www.akidspace.co.uk

Positive Parenting Support Service (similar to Supernanny) offers solutions and guidance, in your own home, for any challenges or issues families experience. We help with: bedtimes, mealtimes, anger issues, general insecurity, reducing time spent in front of screens, speech / physical / emotional development, purposeful and creative play ideas and more. For more details please contact Rochelle: 07950 995771, rochelle@i-can-do-it.net or www.i-can-do-it.net/parent-support.html.

Are you feeling 'stuck'? Eager to embark on a new project but finding it difficult to get started? Or struggling with a never-ending 'to-do' list? Whether you're overwhelmed by material stuff (books, clothes, toys, paperwork) or overstretched by commitments (work, family, community), declutter coach Juliet Landau-Pope can help! Free consultations available by phone or in person. Strict confidentiality assured. For more info’, contact Juliet on 078178 33319 or jlpcoach@btinternet.com
Website: www.jlpcoach.com

Deconstructing Mummy - Motherhood Psychology Groups

Mothers freak out. They get angry. They get sad. And worried. Sometimes they "lose it", or have mixed feelings. That is why we have created Deconstructing Mummy. The motherhood groups led by a professional psychologist and a mother herself are designed to help women through pregnancy and early motherhood by deconstructing the myths about motherhood and telling it like it is.

Tuesdays starting on 1/5 at 5.00-7.00p Friends Meeting Place, Muswell Hill
Fridays starting on 4/5 6.30-8.30
Hornsey Vale Community Association, Crouch End
Saturdays starting on 5/5 at 11.30 am-13.30 Hornsey Vale Community Association, Crouch End

tel:  07530 539442

Short on time/space/patience? Could you use a hand?
Girl Friday is here to help.
Creative, practical, fit, intuitive, willing and able.
From the sublime to the ridiculous; the practical to artistic; in the home, office or anywhere in between. I can be your eyes or another pair of hands. I thrive on variety and meeting new people.

Free up some time for yourself/your family. 
Try me. Just ask.
07900 560991
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